A photo of the construction work that SPT is enabling at St John’s School, Siaya, Kenya


Pas.Sampson, Ghana
The attached are pictures and receipt bearing evidence of faithful disbursement of the educational support to the following people
1. Dansoh Sara- university
2. Benefo Eric-university
3.Konadu Felicia -Senior high sch.
4.Agyei Ellen- senior high sch.
5.Amankwaa Geaorgina[Nafisa,the moslem convert]-senior high sch.


Pastor Sampson’s School (Ebenezer Preparatory School)


The Above photo show a classroom of the Ebenezer Preparatory School . Pastor Sampson asked that the School be adopted by SPT.

Altho the school is considered 1 of the top 3 school in Techimantia, Ghana. They have certain challenges, of course.


They do not have enough room for their nursery class. So they have been using Paster Sampson’s bamboo church, which is nearby. That is now derelict.

Building work has started on the the replacement classroom at the Ebenezer Preparatory School.

Here we see Paster Sampson standing where they hope to build a nursery extension, library and book shop.



Felicia is a student that was helped by SPT at a critical juncture of her education, when her father died. Her ambition is to become either a nurse or teacher.

SPT helped Susanna start an apprenticeship as a seamstress. She is a walking miracle: she was so nearly killed in a car accident in which at least one other lost his life.


St. Mark’s Guild International Academy: Awendo Kenya

Since it started SPT has been supporting this school in Awendo (SW Kenya). Now there are pressing needs to improve the buildings of the school, as one of the roofs recently collapsed almost injuring staff and children.


Ling Ling Beautiful International Guild Academy

This is an exciting new development under the auspices of Pastor Zachary to replace and improve on The Divine Hilltop Academy, where the majority of students were AIDS orphans.

This is the ground near Awendo (in SW Kenya)  where the new school is being  built.

Pastor Zachray pointing out the location for the new school


One of the new classrooms
Framework of the new school.
Finished school building.
Excited children starting in their new school on 5th Jan 2015


Community meeting about the new school.                                                                                                                            LingLing (SPT trustee after who the school is named) in the centre of the photo. 





SPT enabled a Christmas celebration at Lingling Academy, Siruti, Kenya


Warengal, South India



The school was started by Sister Anna and now educates the children from the orphanage and many others from the local community. Sister Anna is a remarkable lady who has given her life to looking after and providing for children. The school accommodates children from different backgrounds and those that can make a financial contribution. This helps support the non fee paying children. The demand for schooling is enormous as these children really understand that one way out of the poverty trap is to become educated and find employment. The Home of Love not only houses and feeds many of the children, but it also gives them a future via education.

Hopes for the future

As more children join the school so the needs for the school grow – some examples are listed below.

  • Extra classrooms
  • Accommodation for teachers
  • Bursaries to fund the poor children


Kiboga Uganda

Miranda Margaret







Miranda Margaret and her parents were received into the Guild.

SPT is sponsoring Miranda Margaret for her Nursing training (the fulfilment of a strong dream of hers)


This is Miranda starting her higher education in Uganda today. Her ambition is to become a Nurse. SPT is sponsoring her

School fees for Miranda Margaret and other requirements have been paid.
She is enjoying school and focused on her dream of becoming a medical worker.

School fees for her final yearof £680 is still needed to be paid.