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India ( konthamuru )

Work Continues on the orphanage.

On-going work on the orphanage in Konthamuru.
Building work an orphanage in konthamuru South India Thanks to SPT.



This Orphanage is run by Pastor John Jyothi and is based in Irripaka in India. Pastor John is a young man with a big heart. He has recently taken on responsibility from his father for pastoring the church which his father started in Irripaka in the East Godavari district of Andrha Pradesh, India.

They have there a small thriving congregation of about 150. In the community there are a number of orphans, who  quite simply are without any parental support at all. What do you do if you are a young child of 3 years old with no parents, no home, no food? You go anywhere where you think you can get these basic necessities. In Irripaka, Pastor John is that man and yet he has practically nothing himself.

Yes, enough to live on, his “daily bread”; but certainly no excess. But he does have a simple church building, with a roof made out of leaves: that is enough to shelter the orphan children at night. The 30 or so huddle together for mutual support and a sense of solidarity; and somehow Pastor John finds something for them to eat day by day.

These orphans in Irripaka (AP) are supported by regular donations for their food from SPT. Pastor John Jyothi and his family live in extremely basic accommodation with only just enough space for them all to sleep.  Now SPT is trying to raise the money necessary, so that the orphans have somewhere to sleep instead of the actual church worship space, which is where they sleep at present.

Orphans in Irripaka


What can we do ?

These are the children who need our support. How great it would be to adopt one for about £18 per month? This would provide housing, food and education.





The Orphanage was started some years back by Sister Anna John and it now has 30 boys under its care. Sister Anna is a remarkable lady who has given her life to looking after and providing for children.

Children appear at the gates almost daily seeking refuge .One of the latest newcomers was a 3 year old who was dumped at the gate – he didn’t have a name so the other children called him Peter. All the cost of housing and feeding these children is provided for by donations as no help is given by the state.

What can we do ?

The demand from homeless children is vast and Sister Anna is looking to take on another 20 boys. In order to do this further boarding accommodation is required at a cost of £5,000.


Fred Bobsa with Orphans 

Here we see Fred with the sewing machines, that SPT donated so that the orphans can learn a skill, and income stream be provided.