Techimantia Ghana

SPT supporting building of a house for a lady, who will become homeless, when she becomes a widow.

Laying of the foundation for the widow’s house.

Relief in Ghana

Pastor Mark with Pastor Sampson’s parents. When the father dies, the mother will become homeless,as the youngest brothers will inherit the family home. Pastor Sampson’s mother (Susanna) has asked SPT to help.

SPT is providing Pastor Stephen’s medical care (left). He was recently diagnosed with glaucoma.


On Dec 24th our local team went into minister in Siaya Prison. SPT provided money for soap and toiletries


Pauline who we met in Tanzania was left destitute with four children when her husband abandoned her. SPT provided her with the money to start a lumber business, so that she can become independent and provide for her children.

Fred Bbosa’s medical clinic

Fred Bbosa’s medical clinic in action.

SPT supports it as much as we can.


Local people in India having access to drinking water thanks to the support of SPT.

Mark and Hugh in Malawi & Kenya 2013

This Lovely Lutheran pastor was threatened with his livelihood. to whom did he turn for help in his hour of need? To SPT. SPT sent him the money for a pig.

Mangochi, Malawi, is a strongly Muslim Community. about 20 Christian pastors there are helped by a Chickens Co-operative, which SPT has enabled.
This Pastor has been working for the Zambezi Evangelical church on practically nothing . SPT would love to send him £20 per month, until his circumstances improve.





Visit by Hugh Ellis and Mark Mills-Powell

This summer, Hugh Ellis and Mark Mills-Powell spent twelve days in Malawi, visiting Lilongwe, Kironga, Embangweni, and Mangochi, travelling many hundreds of miles, over 40 hours in all, on dusty roads of variable quality! Throughout they were received with joy, with enthusiasm, with great warmth. They witnessed clear signs of the growth and consolidation of the Guild and its work in Malawi, through the pioneering work of local pastors such as Steven Gordon and Pastor Daisy in Lilongwe, and through the quiet authoritative prayerfulness of Pastor Amon and Pastor Clement Chirembo in Embangweni. There are now 3,480 Guild members in Malawi, witness to God’s powerful love and presence, and to the centrality and relevance of the Guild’s vision, to establish a prayer focused, mission focussed, apostolic church and community. Although Hugh and Mark travelled vast distances, there is still much more to be done, and we pray that the development of the Guild’s own local pastors in Malawi will inspire, reassure and stimulate yet more growth.