1. Mangochi Malawi

Work on the Tower of deliverance roof in Malawi has been completed.

The Watchman’s House, made up of three separate units, now completed. This has been enabled by SPT grants for the raw materials and free local labour from the church: Pastor Clement is remarkably gifted at construction and home improvements.



 The new toilets, which SPT contributed to, are also now complete the toilets will also help to support local schools . Here we see Clement Chirembo and his assistant Patrick.







Preaching for Tower of Deliverance Fellowship the first Sunday am. Pastor Clement (translating) is gleeful about what is being said.







Preaching for the Guild sponsored session on Thursday May 11th. My theme “God is blowing His trumpet. Can you hear it?”


 Mangochi, Malawi


Tower of deliverance in Malawi.

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Continue work roofing and building class room for Tower of deliverance in Malawi


Photo1189Photo1330Photo1315Photo1191Photo1330Photo1321On-going work on the Tower of Deliverance Church in Mangochi, Malawi. (Mangochi is about 95% Muslim. The new church will seat about 500 people. It already has a congregation of about 150/200). Another £4,000 aproxneeded to complete the roof.

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2. Embangweni, Malawi







It was a joy to minister in Embangweni. They’re a very special congregation with a special pastor, Pastor Amon. He and Clement used to play soccer together for the Malawi national team. SPT Purchased land which they used to Build a church, the Church still requires a roof.

 3.Church in Ghana- Techimantia

Tithe project

One of SPT’s long-term projects has been supporting the building of a church for Pastor Sampson’s church in Techimantia, Ghana. This has proved a bigger project than any of us anticipated, and has necessitated years of patient perseverance, including the initiating of the Tithe Project Now joyfully the end is in sight: we hope to complete by the summer (2014).
Pastor Sampson is the co-ordinator of the prayer Guild in Ghana. He started his ministry with nothing about 10 years ago; but God has richly blessed him. He has planted at least 6 congregations in his area, including Kumasi (the 2nd city in Ghana).

Techimantia Church under construction

Techimantia Church under construction




Daniel Akumarthi was a succesful and popular gospel singer, wherever he went people responded positively to his ministry in song. But something was missing for him: there was a yearning in his heart to have ongoing relationship with those, who responded to his gospel ministry in song. In short, he came to realise that he was being called to pastor a congregation, rather than being a christian super-star on a stage for a night before moving onto the next “performance”.

He sold his car to finance a year of preparatory training for the ministry in the USA, and started a congregation from scratch in a poor out-lying area on the edge of Kakinada, the main city of the East Godavari district in India. The locals there have already begun to respond well. A congregation of about 100 has begun to form, with a great deal of enthusiasm and youthful vitality. But they have no building.

At present they worship on the verandah of the home of one of the members of the congregation: all of them squeezing into the limited space available. At the back of the same house land has already been purchased  for the building of the church: indeed the perimeter wall has been constructed (almost a necessity in that culture to deter other claimants). The work is poised for the construction of the church building to begin. When it does, it will be filled at once with jubilant voices and thankful hearts.




The Home of Love has a thriving orphanage and school, but they also have plans to build a Chapel on the side of the building. The school and orphanage are run on Christian principles. The need for a Chapel is for the school children, as well as for the orphanage boys to have personal counselling and somewhere quiet to reflect and say their prayers. Currently all meetings and one to one chats take place in the children’s sleeping quarter.

SPT donated The first £1,000. the work is now being completed.