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We are One family !

Spiritual support, and through teaching and prayer, offers hope and encouragement to the marginalised in area of the global South where it really  matters and makes a difference.

The Saints’ Projects Trust was started in 2006 and its key focus on some specific projects. We put most  of our efforts into Churches, Orphanages, Relief and Education in India and Africa. Through long-term personal relationship, financial and spiritual support, and through teaching and prayer, offer hope and encouragement to the marginalised in areas of the Global South where it really matters and makes a difference

Historically we have raised around £21,000 per annum and we give away every penny as we have no office, no overheads and personally take nothing out of the charity. In our experience we have found that small donations that are specifically targeted bring the best results. Our donations to individual projects range from £100 to £7,000.

Please click here  to get a feel for the wide variety of donations that the charity made in 2012.

All of our projects are visited by one of the trustees at least once per year. The work on the ground is spear headed by The Reverend Mark Mills-Powell who working within the communities we are striving to help. This enables us to see firsthand the fruits of our donations and be part of the ongoing development of the projects.

Please contact us if you would like to help or see the News section of the site for our next fund raising event.